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Mission Statement

Helping young adults secure financial freedom and entrepreneuial success through trade-based education, training, and mentoring. 



Let's be honest for a moment. We all desire for our children to grow, learn, and be provided the best education possible. We want our kids to desire fields such as medicine, law, or even technology. We've shunned away the idea of children being successful through a specific trade. But why? It's now time to embrace the idea that Trades Aren't Taboo!


That have a genuine desire for success in an "untraditional" field of business.


Who want to be provided with tools and resources to help them succeed in their desired trade.


Kids who are wanting hands-on experience with professionals in their field guiding and mentoring them.


Who want to be shown different avenues of achievement.

Tools and Resources are provided to kids who are wanting to take a different avenue for success. They will be guided by various business mentors, educators, and professionals.


Jashley Green

Carol Ellis

Valerie Newton


Founder, Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Jashley green (Koko Da Barber) is an award-winning barber whose artistry and inimitable style makes her one of Florida’s most sought-after stylists. Koko leverages her upbeat personality, her dedication to lifelong learning, and her generous spirit to expand her brand and contribute to her community.

Carol Ellis is a Senior Insurance Agent for a Fortune 500 company. She has been in the insurance industry for six years,  specializing in property and casualty insurance. Carol’s education includes a Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice and a Master of Business Administration degree in Project Management.

Valerie Newton is a Tampa native matriculating through Hillsborough County Public Schools. She earned a Bachelors Degree in Chemistry with a Minor in Education from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University. Earned a Masters in Education Leadership, and has subsequently served as a middle school administrator for 15 years.


Trades Aren't Taboo Inc. aspires to help children 


There is one thing that we here at Trades Aren't Taboo Inc. realizes and that is success is not a one way street. Educating and mentoring many teen youth, we've  concluded that some want to take a different route than college. Their interest lie in many productive fields and we've set out to help them succeed in those areas. We help educate and provide resources for various entrepreneurial  journeys. 


Want to know how we can work together? Let's Get Started


Needing an Educator or Mentor to speak at your upcoming event?

Trades Aren't Taboo Inc. compiles of educators and mentors in various fields. Each speaker is an experienced professional with many years in their related profession. Once you have contacted us, we will discuss your needs and ensure we are the right fit for your event.


Not finding what your're looking for? Don't Worry!

That doesn't mean we're not the right fit. Contact us to find out how to get Trades Aren't Taboo Inc. to your school or next event. We have various programs that are suited for middle and high schoolers. Once contacted, we will see what program best fits your needs.

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